• Project: Bliss, Moore, & Fix Halls Renovation
  • Location: Seattle, Washington
  • Client: Lakeside School
  • Architect: LMN Architects

Lewis renovated three buildings on this occupied high school campus. The 1930s-era, 24,000 square foot Bliss Hall underwent a major renovation on four floors, including seismic upgrades with new concrete shear walls, new MEP systems, restoration of the existing double-hung windows, new architectural wood doors, and all-new finishes.  Moore Hall, also from the 1930s, received seismic upgrades and patching/repair to match existing.

Lakeside Bliss 1
  • Lakeside Bliss 1
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  • Lakeside Bliss 3
  • Lakeside Bliss 4
  • Lakeside Bliss 5