Safety at Lewis is much more than a department: it’s a core value. We believe that every accident is preventable and are committed to a zero incident workplace, where all workers return home unharmed to their friends and family at the end of each day. Our safety culture is embodied at every level of the organization, from apprentice carpenter to CEO.

  • All meetings—in the office and the field—begin with a “safety moment,” when we discuss topics such as potential hazards, near misses, evacuation routes, root cause analyses, success stories and lessons learned.
  • Every day at the jobsite starts with a safety huddle to address hazards associated with the day’s activities and ErgoFit, a stretching and warm-up exercise prov­en to reduce soft tissue injury.
  • Using Predictive Solutions, a cloud based predictive modeling program, our safety leadership mitigates potential risks based on real-time observations in the field.
  • Every employee, including subcontractor crew mem­bers, is empowered with “stop work authority” to prevent unsafe acts.
  • Since we self-perform concrete and other scopes, our site leadership is field tested and trained in safety

Lewis Safety Commitment Statement