Peter Kirk Elementary School

Lewis delivered this 78,000-square-foot elementary school built alongside an existing building, which was in session during construction.

The two-story school includes 30 classrooms, a library, a cafeteria, a gymnasium, offices, specialized rooms for art, music and science and covered outdoor areas. The structure is comprised of shallow foundations and a slab-on-grade, topped by a structural steel building with buckling-restrained braces and a slab-on-metal deck. The exterior is primarily structural stud framing with CMU veneer, plus a storefront system with integral metal panels.

Fifty-four geothermal wells provide mechanical cooling and heating to the heat pump system. Temporary modifications to the existing school kept students safe and avoided distraction, including rerouted electrical systems and a rated fire wall.


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Kirkland, Washington


Lake Washington School District


Studio Meng Strazzara

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