Legacy Salmon Creek, OR 9 & 10 Remodel

Lewis completed this build-out, renovating two underutilized operating rooms within the hospital. The project was located directly in the center of the operating wing, and directly adjacent to two operating rooms that remained operational throughout construction. Our team coordinated closely with the user group and owner to minimize disruptions to ongoing operations and ensure patient well-being was maintained. Measures included temporary barriers with negative air pressure controls, sticky mats at construction access points to prevent dust transmission and a construction materials movement plan involving covered carts and rigorous cleaning and inspection protocols.

The project involved rigorous ICRA/ILSM procedures and extensive structural upgrades to support the equipment booms, surgical lighting and anesthesia booms. Using Lewis’ equipment coordination matrix our team expertly anticipated electrical rough-in needs, structural and backing requirements and spatial constraints. The project was delivered two weeks early.

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