Project Updates:

Building A, Bs, C – Wood Framing Kick-Start

With the return of the Spring rain over the past three weeks, we have begun our wood framing operations on Building B-South. We finished framing level three and  are well underway framing level four. Our team is utilizing prefabricated wood panels on all interior walls from levels 4-7, which will speed up the framing schedule… read more

Building A, Bs, C – Project Update

At the Capitol Hill Station TOD, concrete operations are picking up the pace with work proceeding simultaneously on all three buildings. Over the last two weeks the project has placed 33,000 square feet of elevated PT slabs as well as the last 9,000 square feet of slab on grade while also building the vertical work. We… read more

Building B-North – New Year Update

Happy New Year! It's been a busy month for Capitol Hill TOD Building B-North. After completing the excavation and vertical concrete walls, we hit our first big milestone: the north slab on grade has been poured! Now, as we begin preparation for the South half of our Slab on Grade, we are getting a head… read more

Building A, Bs, C – New Year Update

Construction activities kept pace through the Holiday season on all three buildings. We continued to progress and even reached a few milestones: Tower Cranes: We erected our two tower cranes on 16th and 17th of December. They will be operational until the end of 2019. Building A: Excavation has completed and we are preparing for… read more

Building B-North: Shoring and Excavation Underway

Mass excavation has begun on site and temporary shoring installation has been completed for the first lift of excavation. Work has started on the second lift of shoring and excavation and we should be hitting the bottom of the hole within the week. Once that is complete we will begin excavating for footings and the… read more

Building C Activity Begins; A & B Work Continues

Excavation for Building C began in mid-November and has reached the final subgrade, roughly 15 feet down from the sidewalk on Broadway. Preparation for tower cranes and the placing boom has commenced in anticipation of mid-December installation dates. Building A:  Tower crane and placing boom bases were set last week and footings were placed earlier… read more

B-South Foundations Finish Up

Building B-South foundations will finish up as the rainy season gets into full swing. Building A: The excavation has temporarily reached its' lowest point and will continue once shoring activities along the sloped cut on the East side of the project reinforce the soil. Building B-South: Foundation concrete work has completed and we have moved… read more

First Concrete Pour: B-South Foundations!

Ongoing Shoring and Excavation activities have continued at Buildings A & B-South. Building A: Excavation has reached the elevation of the second parking level and will continue down another 10 feet to the bottom of the garage and foundations. Trucking activity is ramping up as we haul away the excavated soil, reaching up to more… read more

Building A, B-South, C: Shoring and Excavation Continues

Due to strike delays and unforeseen conditions encountered during excavation, we've gotten off to a slow start. Workers returned from the Operator's Union Strike on Friday, September 7th. The current status of each of our three Building's is as follows: Shoring activities for Building A continue. Crews are reinforcing the soil as as we continue… read more


The Capitol Hill Station project is underway! Excavation work has begun on Building A (on the North end of the site) and will continue until we reach the full depth of the garage, another 30 feet down. Work to tie in utilities and reinforce the soil around the excavation will begin this week. The work… read more

Beginning of Construction

Early utility work has begun and will continue as we prepare the site for construction. The current fencing up around the site will continue to be used during this phase of work. Shoring & Excavation work is currently scheduled to start July 2018. This will involve reinforcing the soil around the excavation to allow us… read more