Project Update:


The Capitol Hill Station project is underway!

Excavation work has begun on Building A (on the North end of the site) and will continue until we reach the full depth of the garage, another 30 feet down. Work to tie in utilities and reinforce the soil around the excavation will begin this week. The work will progress from Building A to Building B-South (on the East side of the site) and Building C (on the South block across Denny Ave.). We anticipate hitting the bottom of the hole at Building B-South first, during the first half of September 2018.

As mentioned in the previous update, the excavation work will involve heavy truck traffic and noise impacts during normal work hours. During this phase, the temporary fencing around the site will take up portions of sidewalk on 10th Ave E. and North & South sides of E. Denny Way. Beginning with the start of excavation, 10th Ave E. will become a one-way street Southbound to accommodate the heavy truck flow while hauling dirt away from the site. Additionally, Nagle Pl. will be closed to through traffic during construction hours (8:00 a.m. – 5:00p.m.).

Image by Joseph Hudson ( – Cathy Hillenbrand, of Capitol Hill Housing, celebrating the start of the project in style, riding one of the first excavators on site!