Project Update:

Building A, Bs, C – Wood Framing Kick-Start

With the return of the Spring rain over the past three weeks, we have begun our wood framing operations on Building B-South. We finished framing level three and  are well underway framing level four. Our team is utilizing prefabricated wood panels on all interior walls from levels 4-7, which will speed up the framing schedule significantly.

This week, we are preparing for all three structures to be above grade by installing pedestrian protection scaffolding along Broadway E. The 14-inch level 1 deck of Building A will be formed by the end of this week, evening out with the adjacent sidewalk.

On Thursday, April 11, 15,000 square feet of post-tensioned concrete will be placed  at Building C, providing an almost 20-foot story height for the future retail spaces along Broadway.

Building B-South – Level 4 Framing Progress – April 5th, 2019