Project Update:

Building C Activity Begins; A & B Work Continues

Excavation for Building C began in mid-November and has reached the final subgrade, roughly 15 feet down from the sidewalk on Broadway. Preparation for tower cranes and the placing boom has commenced in anticipation of mid-December installation dates.

    • Building A:  Tower crane and placing boom bases were set last week and footings were placed earlier this week. Structural excavation is ongoing, with rebar and concrete work going concurrently.
    • Building B-South: Underground electrical and plumbing  work is finishing up as we prepare for our first zone pour of the slab-on-grade (parking garage slab).
    • Building C: Tower crane base was set today and the footing will be placed at the end of the week. We will be preparing for remaining underground activities as we work around the pedestrian tunnel.
Building A – Tower Crane Base & Footing, Dec. 3rd, 2018