Project Update:

Building A, B-South, C: Shoring and Excavation Continues

Due to strike delays and unforeseen conditions encountered during excavation, we’ve gotten off to a slow start. Workers returned from the Operator’s Union Strike on Friday, September 7th. The current status of each of our three Building’s is as follows:

  • Shoring activities for Building A continue. Crews are reinforcing the soil as as we continue to excavate—approximately 30’ from sidewalk grade on Broadway.
  • Building B-South is being  excavated and will finish shoring activities this week. We will begin foundation work next week and will have our first concrete placement for foundations in early October.
  • Building C will begin excavation in October.

Truck traffic for excavation is expected to continue throughout October, and will be accompanied by an increasing number of concrete trucks and material deliveries. 10th Avenue (now a one-way street heading South) is still the primary access to the site, with trucks leaving the site off East Denny Way. Please keep an eye out for flaggers as they will be directing trucks and traffic around the site to keep everyone safe.