Project Update:

Beginning of Construction

Early utility work has begun and will continue as we prepare the site for construction. The current fencing up around the site will continue to be used during this phase of work.

Shoring & Excavation work is currently scheduled to start July 2018. This will involve reinforcing the soil around the excavation to allow us to dig further down. The deepest excavation will be along Broadway on the North end of the site. This building will have three levels of parking, allowing for residential and retail parking spaces. The other two buildings are shallower and each have only one level of parking. The excavation work will involve heavy truck traffic and noise impacts during normal work hours. During this phase, the temporary fencing around the site will take up portions of sidewalk on 10th Ave E. and North & South sides of E. Denny Way. Beginning with the start of excavation, 10th Ave E. will become a one-way street Southbound to accommodate the heavy truck flow while hauling dirt away from the site. Additionally, Nagle Pl. will be closed to through traffic during construction hours (8:00AM – 5:00PM).