Project Update:

B-South Foundations Finish Up

Building B-South foundations will finish up as the rainy season gets into full swing.

  • Building A: The excavation has temporarily reached its’ lowest point and will continue once shoring activities along the sloped cut on the East side of the project reinforce the soil.
  • Building B-South: Foundation concrete work has completed and we have moved onto the vertical work (columns and walls). The perimeter shotcrete foundation walls will finish this week. We are preparing to install the plumbing foundation drainage and underground electrical conduit that goes in underneath the parking garage slab.
  • Building C: We will continue trenching work on Broadway to install the temporary and permanent power conduit under the sidewalk this week.  Excavation and shoring will begin once approved by the City. Temporary fencing on Denny Ave. will be installed by the end of the week in advance of the start of earthwork .
Building B-South – Column Rebar – 10/30/18