Lewis Launches 125th Anniversary Philanthropy Campaign

Seattle – In honor of its 125th Anniversary, Lease Crutcher Lewis has launched a $125,000 Philanthropy Campaign with money going to various local charities.

“One of the founding principles of the company was community involvement,” said Bill Lewis, CEO. ”It’s clear to us that, while we have an incredibly talented group of folks who make great things happen every day, we’re not much without our community.  A group of our people came up with the idea of charitable giving instead of a party as a more meaningful way to honor our years of success in the community.” The campaign includes unique programs for employees, clients and community partners.

Employees are being given an additional 25 percent match on charitable contributions made in 2011 – a match of 125 percent. The Lewis Charitable Contribution Program offers to match up to $500 of donations for each employee. To date approximately 25 percent of the workforce has taken advantage of the program and directed more than $15,000 to local causes. 

In addition, the company has sent donation cards to a group of clients and community partners offering to donate money in their names. Funds will be distributed to the YMCA of Greater Seattle, The Seattle Parks Foundation and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center or if people prefer, to the charity of their choice.  

Employees and clients have responded with very positive feedback. Jim Hendricks, President of Children’s Research Institute wrote, “This is a spectacular way to celebrate a significant milestone!” 

One message that was passed along from the recipient of an employee donation said, “It’s always very much appreciated to get donations, especially during these tough times, but 125 percent matching donation is unheard of!  Thank you and THANK Lease Crutcher Lewis for being so generous.” 

A running tally of the amount of money collected in the campaign is maintained on the website at: lewisbuilds.com/125philanthropy

About Lease Crutcher Lewis
Lease Crutcher Lewis has been a leading Northwest general contractor since 1886, and has been based in Seattle since 1939.  Lewis is active in numerous project types, including restaurant, retail, biotech, medical, office, education, hotel, historic renovation, and others.  Common threads for its work include an integrated approach to working with customers and design partners, a focus on optimal use of technologies such as BIM for efficient and lean construction, and performing a large percentage of its work with its own craftspeople.