Maintaining a sterile, healthy environment during construction

Lewis recently performed simultaneous renovations to an in-patient pharmacy and laboratory at Kaiser Permanente’s Sunnyside Medical Center. Since both departments were located amidst an occupied hospital and remained fully operational during construction, stringent infection control practices were vital to maintaining critical operations and preserving a sterile environment to practice health care.
To this end, our team installed temporary partitions separating construction zones from occupied areas, containing construction activity from lab and pharmacy spaces to ensure the safety of Kaiser employees and patients and avert air particulates from entering the occupied space.
Lewis also installed negative air machines in each construction zone to contain dust and contaminants from patient treatment areas. We also wrapped all construction materials and equipment while in transit through the hospital to the work zones, to maintain a sterile environment.
In addition to sticky mats, installed at each doorway exiting the construction zones and replaced multiple times daily, Lewis positioned wet and dry carpet segments in sequence after the mats to prevent tradespeople from tracking debris into the hospital area.
These measures ensured uninterrupted operation of the lab, pharmacy and surrounding hospital throughout the duration of construction, while facilitating an efficient work plan and completion of both projects ahead of schedule and under budget.