Lewis Foundation 2023 Scholarship Winner: Edgar Conde

By: Lewis Team
At first, Edgar Conde didn’t envision a life in construction. Hailing from a family entrenched in the industry, he had big plans to become a mechanical engineer and work on cars, a passion only second to soccer. But even the best-made plans change. The further into his college career, the more Edgar was drawn to… read more

Building a High-Performing Life Science Team

By: Coriann Presser, Life Science Market Director
As career builders, few things faze Lease Crutcher Lewis’ life science team. Architectural concrete, cGMP spaces, below-grade research suites with highly sensitive vibration requirements, interstitial floors packed with enough MEP infrastructure to service a small village—we’ve built that. At the same time, we acknowledge that life science projects are tough. From coordinating lab benches and… read more