Building a High-Performing Life Science Team

By: Coriann Presser, Life Science Market Director
As career builders, few things faze Lease Crutcher Lewis’ life science team. Architectural concrete, cGMP spaces, below-grade research suites with highly sensitive vibration requirements, interstitial floors packed with enough MEP infrastructure to service a small village—we’ve built that. At the same time, we acknowledge that life science projects are tough. From coordinating lab benches and… read more

Employee Spotlight — Interview With Ushik Shah

By: Teagan Wood, Marketing Coordinator
Ushik Shah used to watch a lot of television as a kid and it’s actually one of the ways he fell in love with construction in the first place. He admits that what really made him curious about pursuing a career in construction was his favorite television show in high school, Prison Break. One of… read more

Employee Spotlight — Interview With Charity MacDowell

By: Teagan Wood, Marketing Coordinator
Charity MacDowell has been a builder in the Pacific Northwest for 11 years now, both at work and at home on her big, forested property that, fittingly, used to be a lumber yard. It makes it easy for her to geek out about building in her free time, too, whether it is working on ongoing… read more

Employee Spotlight — Interview With Renata Popov

By: Teagan Wood, Marketing Coordinator
There is something electric and mysterious about a construction site hidden behind a fence. Curiosity has a way of drawing us in to peek through fence panels and see what activities are hidden from view. Project Engineer Renata Popov can speak to that, especially since what first called her to construction was the gritty cache… read more

Discussing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Part 2

By: Won Moc, Marketing Director
This is the second blog in Lewis’ Martin Luther King Junior Day series, which shares the perspectives and experiences of several Lewis employees in celebration of diversity, equity and inclusion. Earlier this week, we heard from Celina Yee and David Torres on their experience in the construction industry and what diversity, equity and inclusion mean… read more

Discussing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Part 1

By: Won Moc, Marketing Director
In celebration of Martin Luther King Junior Day, we will hear from several Lewis employees on their experience as black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) in the construction industry, what Martin Luther King Junior means to them and how they are taking time to celebrate this year.   WM: Throughout your time working in… read more

Building the Future for Women in Construction

by MacKenzie Junor, Communication Specialist
We shadowed Journeyman Operator Mercedes Toro and Journeyman Laborer Karen Francis to learn what it’s like to work at Rainier Square, how they found a career in construction and what they are doing to change the future of the industry. The two have more in common than meets the eye.  On the corner of… read more

A New Life, A New Trade

by Jordan Gevers and MacKenzie Junor
At Lewis, each of our jobsites consists of hundreds of laborers and construction professionals performing hundreds of tasks.  Every one of those people has a unique story to tell about what brought them to the site that day. This is the story of how Donny McKay, an intelligent, hard-working and highly respected apprentice carpenter at… read more

Population Heath: Why is Design-Build Fulfilling?

by MacKenzie Junor, Communication Specialist
We asked a member from each major partner working on Population Health, an integrated design-build project for the University of Washington, how this project differs from previous ones, and more importantly, if this delivery method has affected their career fulfillment. What we learned was relatively simple; the collaboration, the innovation and the results are what… read more