Project Update:

Commencement of Wood Framing

Since topping out on the Level-3 PT deck, the Grand Belmont team has moved into the next phase of construction: Wood framing. The Grand Belmont building consists of two floors of post-tensioned concrete with five floors of wood framing over top. The third floor transfers from the PT deck to the start of wood framing with anchor bolts and hold-downs cast into the slab. This phase began with wood framers laying out exterior and interior bearing walls over the slab. Exterior walls were tilted into place with the help of the tower crane and guidance of wood framers.

Currently, wood framing has reached Level 5 with crews finishing laying out and framing interior walls. Level-6 floor joists and sheathing are on the heels of the finished interior walls on Level 5. The wood framers are in a 15-day production cycle for each floor. The remaining bulk of wood framing includes Level 6 and Level 7. Level 7 includes the penthouse units with an architectural cornice that runs the perimeter of the building. Roof trusses will follow completion of Level 7 and roof install will begin. We are slated to put a roof on the building in February, followed by drying out the building.

Other activities on site include the start of MEP rough-in. Our Mechanical sub has begun installing HVAC ducts, and our Electrical sub is starting to install boxes in units on Level 3. The fire sprinkler standpipe is in place in the north stair core, and laterals on Level 1 are close to completion. Plumbing has begun stubbing through penetrations in both Level-2  Level-3 slabs.

As wood framing is winding up, we will begin sequencing and coordinating the construction of the exterior skin. This includes exterior metal stud framing, brick ledger install, weather barrier, window and flashing install, and brickwork. We will begin on the south side of the building and work clockwise with multiple Hydro Mobile lifts.