Project Update:

Weekly Update

Safety Moment 

According to OSHA, excavating is recognized as one of the most hazardous construction operations.  Most accidents occur in open trenches in which no protection or stabilization is provided to prevent cave-ins.  When excavating deeper than 4 feet, for any reason, make sure to check local OSHA rules to make sure you don’t find yourself in a hazardous situation.

To ensure the safety of everyone on our site as well as our neighbors to the south, the excavation at 3rd and Ash utilized an engineered shoring system with fall protection railing and multiple access points.  Tie-backs and steel braces were used at the south side of the lot to help stabilize the shoring system at the adjacent buildings.  Our surveying team monitored the shoring and adjacent buildings regularly throughout the excavation process to help ensure everyone’s safety.

Last week and this week we worked hard to detail and place the East half of the level 1 slab.  On Tuesday our concrete crew kicked off our pout day at 4:00am.  22 workers worked 10 hours to place and finish 400 yards of concrete delivered by 40 concrete trucks.  Phew!  This was an exciting milestone because that means we are finally done with the excavation portion of our work and are excited to be going vertical!

Column and core wall reinforcing was installed on the West side of the lot. Steel embed plates in the sides of the columns will support future canopies over the retail spaces
Column and core wall cages were placed above level 1 on the East half of the lot. Perimeter columns will also have embed plates for canopies
Concrete was placed for the columns and walls above level 1 on the West side of the lot. Level 2 shoring and formwork is in progress
Extra tall shoring is used where the future ramp down to the garage will be placed

Upcoming Planned Activities:


  • Next Tuesday we will start placing concrete in columns and core walls on the West side of the lot.
  • Backfill around the perimeter building above the vaulted garage lid will be completed to allow more space on site for accepting deliveries and storing materials.  The garage extends under the sidewalk on 3-sides of the building with 4 to 5 feet of soil above the garage in these locations to accommodate future trees, street lights, and other right-of-way installations in the sidewalk area.
  • We will continue to install shoring and formwork for the level 2 slab on the West side of the lot to prepare for our first level 2 concrete pour in mid to late October.