Project Update:

Weekly Update

Safety Moment

230 Ash is going vertical which means fall protection is a high priority on our site.  In addition to providing guardrails and tie-offs for our workers, materials and tools are also being secured to prevent potential hazards due to falling objects.

Recent Work
Concrete columns above level 1 and level 2 formwork were completed to allow us to move forward with the level 2 deck.

Completed columns with level 2 shoring and formwork in progress.

Reinforcing and Post Tensioning (PT) cables were placed in preparation for pouring the level 2 concrete.  PT cables are draped in the slab with high points located above columns and low points located between columns.  After the concrete is placed, these cables are tensioned to help support the concrete.  Imagine them as being small suspension bridges cast into our slab.  The white cans are fireproofing sleeves for plumbing and other utilities passing through the slab.

PT cables shown red are draped between columns.

The level 2 slab concrete was placed in two separate pours.  Photographs below were taken after the second pour from the lower roof of the Trivett Building.  The depressed portion of the slab represents the future courtyard, which will house a stormwater filtration planter as part of the project’s environmental sustainability goals.

View of the level 2 courtyard looking Northwest

View of the level 2 courtyard looking Northeast


Upcoming planned activities:

This week:

  • We will stress the tendons on the East half of level 2.
  • Backfill will be completed under the future sidewalks around the new building.
  • Wood framers will be constructing stairs in the core walls up to level 2 and laying out walls on level 2
  • Our masons are laying CMU (concrete masonry) for the firewall that will separate the new building from the adjacent buildings on the south side of the lot.
  • Our masons are also infilling the north-facing windows of the Trivett building with reclaimed brick veneer to match the existing building.


Next week:

  • Wood framers will begin framing on level 2.
  • Miscellaneous concrete curbs and topping slabs will be placed to wrap up the concrete portion of our work.