Project Update:

Weekly Update

Safety Moment:
Construction traffic continues to be heavy on SW Ash street as we continue to excavate.  Trucks will be entering Ash off of 3rd ave., and exiting on 2nd.  Please continue to watch for flaggers and follow their direction.

Excavation started last week and is moving fast.  Our first phase of excavation takes us 8 feet down to the footing elevation of the neighboring buildings.  We will pause at this elevation to install tie-backs along the south side of the lot at the Trivett building.  These tie-backs are used to help anchor the shoring piles and prevent deflections/settlement of the existing building.  The first tiebacks were installed last week, and are being tested to verify their strength per the engineer’s design.

Phase 1 excavation activities continue down to 8 feet below grade.  The picture above is taken from behind safety cable rails welded to the tops of the shoring piles around the perimeter of the excavation.

The drill in the image to the right is used to install tie-backs into the soil under the Trivett building to help anchor the shoring piles.

Survey crews are monitoring the shoring daily.

Upcoming Planned Activities:

Beginning July 2nd, construction fencing will be moved out to the North side of Ash street.  Ash street will remain closed between 2nd and 3rd through the remainder of the project.  The Sidewalk on the North side of Ash will remain open.

Excavation will continue this week to complete Phase 1.  Aggregate piers will be installed on Friday on the East side of the lot near the Haseltine Building.  Installation of the piers may cause louder than usual noises and some vibrations

Phase 2 excavation will commence next week as we dig down to the bottom of the excavation, 15 feet below grade.  A berm of soil will be left in place against the shoring adjacent to the Haseltine to help brace the shoring until steel braces are installed.  Steel braces will be installed after the majority of the mat slab foundation is in place.