Project Update:

Weekly Update

Safety Moment:
Construction traffic will be heavier than usual this week and next week. Trucks will be moving in and out of the site frequently to carry soil off site as we excavate for the parking garage. Please make sure to watch for and follow the direction of flaggers at Southwest Ash street on 2nd and 3rd Avenues.

Last week we completed pile installation for our shoring, which means we are ready to dig!

The drill rig that was used to install the 30- to 40-foot-long shoring piles was demobilized and moved off site to make room for the excavators.

Upcoming Planned Activities

This week and next week we will be excavating for one level of underground parking.  Neighbors can expect loud noises, including hammering, as we remove the concrete walls and slab that once formed the basement of the Hotel that formerly occupied the lot.

The new parking garage will be 13 feet below grade, and 5 feet deeper than the basement of the former hotel.