Project Update:

Weekly Update

Safety Moment: 
Due to the nature of construction and potential safety hazards on site, only trained personnel are allowed within the construction fencing unless specifically escorted by a member of our staff.  If you see unauthorized people inside the construction fence during afterhours or on weekends, please contact Cesar Aviles.  Authorized workers will always be wearing hardhats and high-visibility shirts or vests while on site.

Last Tuesday we placed our first phase of concrete for the garage slab.  Work began bright and early at 4am to ensure enough time to place more than 800 cubic yards of concrete.

Concrete finishers followed along as concrete is poured.  The 2-ft thick parking deck received a broom finish.

Plumbing, electrical conduit, and reinforcing were placed on the west side of the lot for the second half of the garage slab.

Column reinforcing and concrete wall forms are being installed above the east half of the newly placed parking garage slab.

Upcoming Activities:

Tomorrow, 7/30/2018, we will be placing concrete at the west half of the garage slab.  Set-up will once again begin at 4:00am with concrete placement starting at 5:00am.

Concrete placement for the columns and walls on the east half of the garage will follow on Wednesday of this week.  Columns and walls are quicker to pour than the mat slab so we don’t anticipate an early start on Wednesday.

Waterproofing and reinforcing will be placed around the perimeter walls beginning on the East side of the lot and moving West.  Concrete for the perimeter walls will be in the form of Shotcrete, which is sprayed on by skilled nozzlemen.

Written by Kate Pfretzschner, Project Engineer