Project Update:

Weekly Update


Good Morning Neighbors,

We’ve been busy since our last updated and wanted to share the latest progress pictures from our project.  First, a quick safety moment, because Safety is always our number one priority.

Safety Moment:  Safety is often viewed in the context of immediate physical danger, however, health and long-term health impacts should also be considered in a safety plan.  During construction of a large project, erosion control plays a large part in protecting the health of the environment and our neighbors around us.  At third and Ash, we follow an engineered plan to limit sediments from washing off our site.  Filters are also placed in all the near-by catch basins to provide additional protection against sediments washing into the city storm water systems.

Recent Work:

Last November we completed our structural concrete and hit the ground running with the wood framed apartments starting on level 2.  We are currently laying floor joists and floor sheathing on level 5 and will be standing walls on level 5 later this week:

View looking East on Ash street. Workers are seen fastening floor sheathing on level 5.

As the building continues to grow, exciting views of the neighborhood are starting to unfold:

View looking North on 2nd Avenue from the windows in the Northeast corner unit on Level 2.
View looking North on 2nd Ave., again, this time from the 4th floor.
View looking North across Ash street through the windows on level 4. The steel bridge can be seen in the distance and will be extra visible from level 6.
View looking North down 3rd avenue from the windows in the Northwest corner unit on level 4.
View looking South from one of the courtyard units on level 4 provides a cool glimpse at an old CocaCola mural.
Another view looking south from one of the courtyard units reveals more old mural advertisements above the Trivett and Stumptown on 3rd Ave.
Our last view looks East over Kells Irish Pub from the 4th floor units on 2nd Ave.

Upcoming Planned Activities:

This week:

  • Floor joists and sheathing will be completed on level 5 early this week.
  • Our masons will continue to install the south CMU fire separation wall up to level 6.  CMU is only built one story at a time above the wood framing and is anchored to the wood structure at each level to provide stability to the soon-to-be 7-story tall wall.
  • Wood framed walls will be erected on above level 5 later this week.
  • Concrete corbels are being installed around the perimeter of level 1 to support the decorative brick pilasters.  Brick-work on the exterior of the building is intricately detailed to compliment other historic architecture around the area.
  • Hot Rubber Waterproofing will be installed in the courtyard on level 2 this week.  The courtyard will contain a 4-ft deep storm water planter to collect and filter storm water as part of the sustainability goals of the project.