Project Update:

Weekly Update

Safety Moment:
With the site starting to get more busy and more workers on site, make sure the work area is clear of debris and all material is stored away properly at all times.

Since the last update, we have had a lot of activities and we are making good progress. We poured 2nd half of the concrete for the garage slab on 7/30/18 and went smooth like the 1stpour. Work began bright and early at 4am and we poured 735 yards.

We have poured both the west and east concrete walls and columns on the parking garage slab from 8/1/18 through 8/15/18. These walls and columns will hold the Level 1 concrete slab that will be street level.

The exterior shotcrete walls were poured along the edge of the parking garage slab. These walls were placed with a special concrete hose and nozzle that sprays the concrete on the wall instead of pumping it into the wall.

We are also installing bracing along the south east wall to brace the neighboring building to protect it during construction. This bracing is called a raker and it is a metal tube that is welded at one end to the shoring wall and the other end to a metal plate in the garage concrete slab. These will be completely installed on 8/20/18.

Lastly, we are forming up the first half of the decking for the Level 1 concrete slab. Conduit and reinforcing will be installed in the coming weeks and we anticipate a pour date of 8/31/18. This will be another early pour with set-up beginning at 4 AM.

Upcoming events:

Continue forming up the first half of the decking for the Level 1 concrete slab. This will continue on over to the east half once the west half has been completed.

Written by Trevor Knott, Project Engineer