Project Update:

Weekly Update

Safety Moment:
We’re working to help ensure the safety of everyone as we move forward with construction.  Based on feedback from the community, blue fencing scrim has been removed from the corners of our fencing to help increase line of site for bikers and vehicles driving adjacent to the site.

Last week we worked to remove portions of an existing basement that was discovered on the West half of our lot so we could continue to install piles adjacent to the Trivett building.  The basement was then backfilled to allow for installation of piles.

Pile installation continues along the south side of the lot.  Piles are more than 30 feet long to allow for adequate embedment into the ground.

Pile installation will continue today and Wednesday as we wrap up the Southwest side of our lot and move to the Northwest corner.

There are two more areas of existing concrete walls that will be removed this week:

  •  We will be saw-cutting portions of 36 foot-long basement wall found on the North side of the lot beginning Wednesday/Thursday.
  • We will be hammering out a section of the wall found just North of the Hazeltine and Trivet buildings.  Last week we saw-cut a line down this wall, creating an isolation joint to help minimize the transfer of vibrations to the Hazeltine and Trivett buildings during removal of the wall.

Written by Kate Pfretzschner, Project Engineer