Project Update:

Weekly Update

Safety Moment
With the rainy season beginning, please be mindful of slick surfaces near the construction zonesuch as the plywood ramps we installed for pedestrian walkways near and around the site.

Since the last update, we successfully poured the west half of the Level 1 concrete deck and Parking Level mat slab in the raker area. Work began bright and early on Sept. 4 at 4am. We poured a total of 533 yards, with 414 yards in the Level 1 deck and 119 yards in the Parking Level mat slab.

The east Level 1 concrete deck is currently being formed up, with plans to pour the deck on Sept. 21. The deck and transfer beam are being formed this week, and next week reinforcement and MEP will install their items.

The final part of the shotcrete walls and columns on the Parking Level are being formed and poured throughout the week. This will complete all structural concrete for the Parking Level.

Upcoming events:

  • Complete the east half of the Level 1 slab deck and pour the slab on Sept. 21. This will be another early pour, with setup beginning at 4 a.m.
  • Complete the west half of the Level 1 walls and columns by Sept. 17 to prepare for the Level 2 post-tension deck, which is scheduled to be poured in October.