Project Update:

Weekly Update

Safety Moment:
As always, be sure to follow pedestrian signage around the lot and watch for flaggers.  Flaggers help guide large vehicles moving in and out of the lot to help ensure everyone’s safety. If you see a potential safety concern, we want to know.

Last week we rounded the northwest and southeast corners of the lot with pile installation, and removed the majority of the existing basement walls from the previous building on our lot that were conflicting with our shoring piles.

Crews continue to remove debris from the old hotel that used to sit on the
site before it became a parking lot

Our survey crews are working daily to locate piles and to monitor the buildings directly south of our site.  Prior to beginning construction, monitoring targets were established on the buildings so we can track building movements down to a fraction of an inch.

Lewis survey crews monitor targets on the Haseltine and Trivet Buildings

Upcoming Planned Activities
Pile installation will continue through Wednesday as we install the rest of the piles in the northeast corner of the lot.  As soon as pile installation is complete, the drill rig will be moved off site and we will begin excavating for the garage.  Timber lagging will be placed between shoring piles to retain soil on all sides of the lot as we dig down.

Written by Kate Pfretzschner, Project Engineer