Project Update:

Weekly Update

Safety Moment:
Gravel deliveries for the aggregate piers on site will be occurring on 2nd avenue at the pedestrian and bike way this week.  We will have flaggers to help direct traffic and pedestrians/bikers as deliveries are made.  Please follow their direction as the line of sight for the truck drivers is limited.  In light of the summer solstice last week, we also want to remind everyone to drink plenty of water!

Last week we finished tie-back installation and testing adjacent to the Trivett Building on the south side of the site.

View of the south shoring wall near the existing Trivett and Haseltine buildings.

Tie-backs extend under the adjacent building and are used to help stabilize the shoring piles.

Upcoming Planned Activities:
This week we will continue the excavation down to the elevation of the top of the basement slab.  Also, aggregate piers will be installed across the site.

Aggregate piers will be installed across the site. These are installed by drilling large diameter holes into the bottom of the excavation.  The holes are then filled with engineered gravel fill and compacted with a large ram.  They serve as stiff underground columns that strengthen the foundation under the building.

The ram for the piers cause some small vibrations and sounds similar to a concrete hammer.