Project Update:

Weekly Update

Safety Moment:
It’s supposed to be hot out again today, so drink plenty of water and make time to take breaks and cool down if you are working outside.

Last week we finished installing underground plumbing on the west side of the lot and fine-graded the excavation.  The elevation of the fine-grade was measured every 10 feet to ensure a level grade for the mat slab foundation.  We also began laying down the vapor barrier (shown in blue below) that will help limit the transfer of moisture from the ground into the bottom of the slab.

Vertical plumbing pipes indicate locations of drains in the future garage slab.  Orange markings at 10-feet intervals were used to track elevation measurements along the finished grade.  The first lengths of blue vapor barrier are now in place.

Upcoming Planned Activities:

Our mobile crane arrived today and will be set up on the west end of Ash street.  The crane will be used to hoist equipment, rebar, and other materials into the excavation.

This week we will continue fine grading and installation of vapor barrier.  Waterproofing will also be installed on the shoring walls.  Steel reinforcing will follow the vapor barrier for the first half of the mat slab.

Our first concrete pour is currently scheduled for Monday, July 23rd.  We will set up at 4:30am and begin placing concrete at 5am.  It will take 12+ hours to place the concrete on the west half of the mat slab.