Project Update:

Weekly Update

Safety Moment:
Make sure to follow all signage for pedestrian paths.  If you walk down Ash street next to our site, please use the sidewalk on the North side of the street.

Last week we completed the removal of the trees and the majority of the street lights, along with an initial demo of the sidewalks and asphalt around the perimeter of our site. Seventeen piles were drilled and placed along the south side of our lot, adjacent to the Haseltine building, and the majority of the piles were installed along 3rd avenue at the West side of the lot.

The images below show the drilling piles next to the haseltine (left), installing a pile (middle), and finishing the installation (right).

We have uncovered the basement walls of the existing hotel that used to be on our site North of the Trivett building and Stumptown.  We’ve assessed the existing walls and will begin demoing portions of them beginning tomorrow. This will allow for the installation of shoring along the remaining South side of the lot, and the North side of the lot next to Ash street.  Removing concrete involves hammering, which can be loud and additional vibrations are expected.

Written by Kate Pfretzschner, Project Engineer