Project Update:

3rd & Ash Has Broken Ground!

Safety Moment:
With construction beginning, there will be large trucks entering and leaving our site on 2nd, 3rd and Ash.  Please watch for flaggers and follow their direction!!

We are excited to give you are the first update on the SW 3rd and Ash project!  We are breaking ground today and will be posting weekly updates. Construction hours for 3rd and Ash will continue to be from 7am to 3:30pm, Monday through Friday.  These are subject to change as we proceed through construction.  We will include any early starts or weekend work in these updates.

You likely have already seen our site fencing that was put up last week.  Please pay attention to the posted signage, which will direct you safely around our site along 2nd, 3rd, and Ash streets  Your safety and the safety of our workers is our biggest concern here at Lease Crutcher Lewis.

Erosion control measures are in place.  These measures are intended to help prevent soils from washing off of our site into the city’s storm drains.

Starting today, we will be removing trees, street lights and sidewalks within our site fencing.  We will also be removing asphalt along the south side of our lot, adjacent to the Haseltine and Trivet buildings.  If you are nearby, you may already have felt some vibrations.  Sidewalk and asphalt removal does require hammering, which can be loud.

The rest of this week, and into next week, we will be drilling to install steel piles for shoring, using the impressively large drill rig that is sitting out on our site.  The shoring has been engineered to safely support all sides of our excavation, including our neighbors to the south, while we excavate for the new underground parking garage.  You may feel some vibrations as we drill.

Check out some renderings of the first new building to be reviewed under an updated set of guidelines for the Skidmore/Old Town historic district.