North Valley Complex: Using Wood Salvaged From Oregon’s 2020 Wildfires

By: Lauren Holmes, Project Executive
While transforming a Wilsonville, Oregon, warehouse into a lab building and workplace for several State of Oregon agencies, Lewis and SERA Architects incorporated wood salvaged from the devastating wildfires of 2020 into new finishes throughout the reimagined space. These wooden slats can be found in “nodes” built along the North Valley Complex's circulation paths, adding… read more

Deploying Dusty, Lewis’ Robotic Layout Sidekick

By: Lewis Team
Dusty, our robotic layout sidekick, returned to action last week at a corporate client’s office TI in Redmond, Wash. Dusty used a digital model to print wall layouts directly onto the project floor in one pass, with markings to guide our framing, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical trade partners during their scopes of work.  Automating… read more

Seven Key Factors for Assessing New Office Space

By: Jeremy Callas, Project Executive
Office demand in the Seattle, Bellevue and Portland markets continues to shift. Evolving work-from-home policies, combined with different market conditions, mean that many companies are reassessing their space requirements. In markets where vacancy rates are up, companies have more choices when it comes to relocating or building out a new space. With more options available… read more

Overview of a Linear Accelerator

By: Teagan Wood, Marketing Coordinator
Hospitals operate a variety of critical, lifesaving pieces of equipment such as CT’s, MRI’s and Linear Accelerators. These complex machines, operating around the clock, are essential for detecting and treating numerous life-threatening illnesses. This imaging and oncology equipment is housed in special, complex rooms that are necessary to support the units while also protecting patients… read more