2024 Lewis Scholarship Recipients: Gabriel Nuñez-Sanchez and Hattie Zhang

By: Lewis Team
The Lease Crutcher Lewis Foundation is now in its third year of making grants and scholarship awards, activating the collective resources of our employees and partners to improve our communities. The foundation supports historically underrepresented people in the construction industry and non-profits that help build a more diverse workforce for the industry. Below, meet 2024… read more

Reflecting on Obliteride 2023

By: Lewis Team
With a steady rain falling and the days getting ever shorter, it's hard to believe that Obliteride was held on a balmy weekend just four months ago. In addition to those on the Lewis & Friends team who took to their bikes, walked, ran, donated, or otherwise participated, 23 volunteers also helped make the day… read more

Lewis Foundation 2023 Scholarship Winner: Edgar Conde

By: Lewis Team
At first, Edgar Conde didn’t envision a life in construction. Hailing from a family entrenched in the industry, he had big plans to become a mechanical engineer and work on cars, a passion only second to soccer. But even the best-made plans change. The further into his college career, the more Edgar was drawn to… read more

Why Is Celebrating Pride Important at Lewis?

By: Teagan Wood, Marketing Specialist
At Lewis, we believe in empowering our people to improve our communities. When we say this, we can often mean building buildings that matter, but another way that I interpret this is: Lewis empowers our people to hold a spotlight on the communities and topics that make us who we are and say, ‘this matters… read more

It’s All About the Kids — Stories from an Operational Campus Project

By: Teagan Wood, Marketing Coordinator
While it carries its own special logistical challenges, there’s something uniquely rewarding about working on a site that is busy day-to-day with the kids who get to learn and grow in the schools we’re building. This is one of the main reasons why K-12 projects are particularly special for our Lewis teams. I got to… read more

Eugene Town Square – A Sustainable Community Space

by Allie Merrill, Marketing Specialist
The much-anticipated Eugene Town Square, located in The Park Blocks at the heart of Eugene, Oregon, is nearing completion. Slated to open in June 2022, the new Town Square will be home to the Eugene Saturday Market and the Lane County Farmers Market. The Town Square is the first step in the City of Eugene’s… read more

Discussing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Part 2

By: Won Moc, Marketing Director
This is the second blog in Lewis’ Martin Luther King Junior Day series, which shares the perspectives and experiences of several Lewis employees in celebration of diversity, equity and inclusion. Earlier this week, we heard from Celina Yee and David Torres on their experience in the construction industry and what diversity, equity and inclusion mean… read more

Discussing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Part 1

By: Won Moc, Marketing Director
In celebration of Martin Luther King Junior Day, we will hear from several Lewis employees on their experience as black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) in the construction industry, what Martin Luther King Junior means to them and how they are taking time to celebrate this year.   WM: Throughout your time working in… read more