Why Is Celebrating Pride Important at Lewis?

By: Teagan Wood, Marketing Specialist
At Lewis, we believe in empowering our people to improve our communities. When we say this, we can often mean building buildings that matter, but another way that I interpret this is: Lewis empowers our people to hold a spotlight on the communities and topics that make us who we are and say, ‘this matters… read more

Overview of a Linear Accelerator

By: Teagan Wood, Marketing Coordinator
Hospitals operate a variety of critical, lifesaving pieces of equipment such as CT’s, MRI’s and Linear Accelerators. These complex machines, operating around the clock, are essential for detecting and treating numerous life-threatening illnesses. This imaging and oncology equipment is housed in special, complex rooms that are necessary to support the units while also protecting patients… read more

It’s All About the Kids — Stories from an Operational Campus Project

By: Teagan Wood, Marketing Coordinator
While it carries its own special logistical challenges, there’s something uniquely rewarding about working on a site that is busy day-to-day with the kids who get to learn and grow in the schools we’re building. This is one of the main reasons why K-12 projects are particularly special for our Lewis teams. I got to… read more

The Bioswale That’s Benefiting Our Bay

By: Teagan Wood, Marketing Coordinator
Looking out over Lake Washington, it’s easy to assume that the waterways in our beautiful city are clean. It is also easy to overlook the signs that dot the edges of the shoreline, warning of temporary pollution during rainstorms.   For the most part, the waterways are clean, but sometimes the infrastructure that filters the City’s… read more

Employee Spotlight — Interview With Ushik Shah

By: Teagan Wood, Marketing Coordinator
Ushik Shah used to watch a lot of television as a kid and it’s actually one of the ways he fell in love with construction in the first place. He admits that what really made him curious about pursuing a career in construction was his favorite television show in high school, Prison Break. One of… read more

Employee Spotlight — Interview With Charity MacDowell

By: Teagan Wood, Marketing Coordinator
Charity MacDowell has been a builder in the Pacific Northwest for 11 years now, both at work and at home on her big, forested property that, fittingly, used to be a lumber yard. It makes it easy for her to geek out about building in her free time, too, whether it is working on ongoing… read more

Employee Spotlight — Interview With Renata Popov

By: Teagan Wood, Marketing Coordinator
There is something electric and mysterious about a construction site hidden behind a fence. Curiosity has a way of drawing us in to peek through fence panels and see what activities are hidden from view. Project Engineer Renata Popov can speak to that, especially since what first called her to construction was the gritty cache… read more