Sustainability & LEED

Sustainable contracting can mean many things – building an energy-efficient building, salvaging old windows, ensuring clean indoor air, protecting a stream, sourcing locally, or all of the above. Often it means helping achieve LEED certification or another recognized standard for sustainable construction.
Lewis has been a sustainability-focused contractor since long before the concept became popular. We are well versed in systems such as ground source heat loops, rainwater collectors, and green roofs because we have built them repeatedly and learned valuable lessons in doing so. With more than 40 LEED projects ranging from Certified to Platinum, we help analyze design options and maintain detailed construction records to keep the project on-track.
Our everyday methods enhance sustainability as well. Lewis recycles a high percentage of construction debris. We focus on jobsite efficiency, for example using electric hoisting solutions rather than diesel, and are resourceful with materials applying Lewis LEAN approaches. Our rigor in controlling storm runoff is so successful that Lewis projects often proceed while neighboring contractors must stop work. Aided by digital technologies we use less and less paper.
Most importantly, we are enthusiastically committed to meeting your specific goals.