Sustainability & LEED

Sustainable contracting can mean a variety of things to different people—energy efficient buildings, using reclaimed and salvaged materials, ensuring indoor air quality, protecting surrounding habitats, sourcing locally, or any combination of the above. Often it means helping achieve LEED certification or another recognized standard for sustainable construction.
With 17 LEED accredited professionals on staff and the experience of nearly 100 LEED projects ranging from Certified to Platinum, Lewis is well suited to meet our clients’ specific sustainability goals.
Our buildings harvest rainwater, capture solar energy, process wastewater onsite and harness natural light to illuminate interiors. Lewis has been a sustainability-focused contractor for decades, and our teams are well versed in a variety of systems—dewatering, demolition of contaminated structures, environmental remediation, stormwater mitigation and paperless jobsite management. The result is unparalleled expertise when it comes to estimating, procuring, installing and commissioning sustainable systems to optimize energy efficiency, reduce water consumption and curtail natural resource depletion.
Our everyday methods enhance sustainability as well. Utilizing Lewis Lean principles we are minimizing waste and improving project delivery, saving time, funds and resources. Additionally, aided by digital technology Lewis utilizes paperless jobsite practices, further reducing waste and optimizing efficiency and quality on site.