A Collaborative Approach to Preconstruction

Integrated teaming, detailed analysis, and careful planning during preconstruction yield tremendous benefits as clients and architects make choices during design. Lewis’ collaborative culture and effective use of technology equip our teams to excel during this critical phase. For our clients and partners, this means better buildings, without compromise. 

Specifically, Lewis brings:  
  • Continuous collaboration during design, so every participant's expertise is integrated at every step. This helps optimize the design while avoiding the rework common with traditional approaches. 
  • Leadership, with tools such as our preconstruction schedule to help keep the process moving and ensure a timely construction start.
  • Continually updated budgets and schedules to provide real-time accuracy as options are considered, aided by the precision and speed of building information modeling (BIM).
  • Thoughtful site logistics and means and methods planning that accommodates site complexities while ensuring efficient construction.
  • Clear Lewis bid packages to ensure well-prepared subcontractors and avoid claims.
  • Thoroughly understanding the design in detail before construction starts, avoiding most RFIs.