Employee Spotlight: Shannon Testa

My most recent project, Via6, two 24-story apartment towers, broke ground in May 2011 and was completed in February 2013.  It was a hugely successful project — not only did we complete it on-time and under budget, but we did so while incorporating extensive design changes along the way. 

For instance, tastes and technology had changed since the original building design, so the team made significant alterations to the interior finishes such as switching to wood flooring in lieu of carpet in the apartment units.  We also upgraded the building with a full wireless internet system, a DAS (cell phone booster) system and smart boxes in the units.

One way that Lewis lived up to our strong “add value for clients" culture on Via6 was working with the acoustical consultant to identify how we could mitigate noise transferring between the units.  Achieving a high sound rating on a wall assembly is dependent on the workmanship by all trades — isolating materials from touching, eliminating air gaps, etc.  Our team achieved condo-quality acoustics in large part due to the rigorous quality control measures we implemented prior to drywall cover.  This significant added value was of virtually no additional cost to our client. 

We wanted to push the boundary on technology to support the leanest and most sustainable project.  We accomplished this through our optimized use of BIM, the creation of our assembly drawings, our virtual plan table, and creating a paperless office — making us more efficient and reducing our client’s costs.

I love working in construction — I like the pace, the teamwork, and the satisfaction that comes at the end of the project when you can see the tangible results of all the effort put into constructing a building.  In fact, my favorite part of the Via6 jobsite location was that I could see my last project (West 8th) from my office window.

Early in my career I worked for general contractors in Colorado and New Orleans.  I returned to Seattle and began with Lewis in 2007.