Lewis Lean

Lewis Lean is about adding value for our clients. Our approach focuses on two objectives: minimizing waste and optimizing project delivery.  The Lewis Lean checklist outlines seven areas of waste we are focused on reducing, as well as the four areas for optimizing delivery.

Lean is paying off with cost savings and timely completions for our clients as Lewis teams incorporate lean practices into every phase of project planning and execution. See the West 8th Case Study to read more about our record breaking concrete core erection cycle times or learn how we're using the tools available through Virtual Design and Construction to increase efficiency. 

Our Lewis Lean Committee meets monthly to share best practices and case studies, and consider new opportunities for improvement, led by Lean Committee Chair and Commercial Division Manager Jeff Cleator, and with participation by people from every profession at Lewis. In the field our project managers and superintendents are implementing practices such as Last Planner scheduling and just in time delivery, and using tools like Bluebeam and SharePoint to increase coordination and collaboration. Please see Jeff's article Lean Construction-Working more Efficiently, which was recently published in the Puget Sound Business Journal.