Lewis Energy

Lease Crutcher Lewis is active in specific energy initiatives, in addition to our considerable related experience in building and industrial construction. Our core building construction business, including sustainability, preconstruction, BIM/VDC modeling, Lean, complements and supports our energy initiatives. While the specifics of these projects often require a different focus from that of a traditional general contractor, our experience managing building and industrial projects, including energy planning and problem solving, gives us a strong foundation and framework for a thoughtful and effective approach to energy solutions.
One focus is district energy. Historically, district energy systems have produced steam or hot/chilled water at central plants, piping to individual buildings for space heating, domestic hot water heating, and/or air conditioning. These central systems can improve energy efficiency, fuel flexibility, ease of operation/maintenance, reliability, environmental protection, life cycle costs, and capital costs. Expanding the concept can include combined heat and power, comprehensively addressing renewable and clean energy sources such as hydroelectric, deep water cooling, solar, and wind.
Another area of focus is turnkey delivery of compressed natural gas for users without efficient, direct pipeline access who have specific industrial and other needs. Lewis Energy NG, an affiliate of Lease Crutcher Lewis, is in this business.
Energy is a rapidly evolving field that blends industrial and building uses with policies on energy consumption and management, pollution, climate change, and carbon management. Advanced technologies and associated pricing changes in areas such as solar and natural gas are changing the cost equation. New paradigms for metering and managing utilities have opened possibilities for integrated approaches to energy production and management. There is no shortage of interest in this area and there is capital available for investment. However, given the complexity of implementation, there is a shortage of on-the-ground experience actually bringing these solutions to reality.
Lewis Energy NG is engaged in problem solving energy challenges by addressing the tangible opportunities in the Pacific Northwest.