Employee Spotlight: Bob Salisbury

Name: Bob Salisbury

Title: Executive Assistant

Brief Professional Biography: Since joining Lewis in 2000, Bob has carved out a unique role, first in Marketing and since 2002 as Executive Assistant.  He keeps multiple senior managers organized, plays a big part in employee recruitment, fixes copiers, schedules meetings, and generally spreads levity wherever he goes. 

Q: You wear a lot of hats at Lewis.  What do you enjoy the most and why?
A: I actually enjoy wearing a lot of hats! It presents the opportunity to learn new things, and we all know there’s always a hole to fill somewhere. Interacting with a variety of people keeps things interesting. The hats that I enjoy wearing the most are the ones that allow me to be creative and a valuable contributor to the overall success of the company.
Q: Your PowerPoint shows are always a big hit at holiday parties, "Quarterly" staff meetings, etc., like the recent Star Wars theme.  Where do you get your ideas?  
A: Besides the crazy stuff swirling around in my head? There’s that, but I also draw inspiration from the people I’m working with at the time. It really is a collaborative effort. I love bouncing ideas off of each other and coming up with a finished product that’s informative, visually pleasing, and fun.
Q: What do you like about the AEC industry after 16 years? 
A: It’s amazing to see how technology has changed the way we approach construction. We’ve come so far in such a short time. We’re building smarter, faster, and most importantly safer. I love being a small part of that. It gives me a sense of pride to drive around town and point out projects that we’ve built over the years.
Q: You work well with people all over the company.  Any philosophies to share?
A: Working with a variety of personalities and communication styles can be challenging. You never know what a co-worker is dealing with at any given time. Picking up on those cues helps gauge the interaction you’re going to have going forward. My philosophy to being successful at working well with others boils down to three things: empathy, kindness and respect.
Q: Where did you get the replica construction equipment at your desk? 
A: The replica crane was a gift from one of our former PEs. I’m kind of a sentimental slob so the backhoes, bobble-heads, and other construction-related tchotchkes on my desk are all things that were passed onto me over the years. When I look at them, they bring back fond memories of the people that I have worked with through the years here at Lewis.
Q: What does Working Safe for Life mean to you? 
A: Working Safe for Life should be a part of our everyday life; not just while we’re here at work. It’s a lifestyle, but it takes effort. Personally speaking, being aware of my surroundings and potential risks has become the norm for me these days and it definitely has paid off.
Q: What would surprise people to know about you?
A: I used to be able to ride a unicycle and twirl TWO batons at the same time! (With a safety helmet of course.)