Employee Spotlight: Bob Eick

Name:  Bob Eick
Title: Senior Project Manager and Biotech / Life Sciences Lead
Brief Professional Biography:  Bob has been in construction since 1988, and has a long history of biotech and life sciences project experience at Lewis.  His new job is to focus the company's efforts in this market, from business development to maintaining best practices across the company.  He will serve as Senior Project Manager for selected clients.  Bob earned a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Washington. 
Q:  What draws you to biotech?  
A:  I’m drawn to biotech by the complexity and detail of the projects.  These are fun problems to solve.  As a company we have a good deal of experience in this market and we use that experience to build projects that are successful for our clients.  It is rewarding to know that we are helping clients be able to do work that improves people’s health.
Q:  How is biotech different from other work?  
A:  Biotechnology projects are intensive in mechanical and electrical services.  They often have requirements for construction practices that maintain a cleanroom environment.  They have specialized equipment that is often owner-furnished and contractor-installed, which requires us to ask the right questions about the equipment during preconstruction and then coordinate closely with the owner to ensure that the equipment arrives on time and services are properly roughed-in and connected.   Occupancy separations can be key.  If you are adding spray-applied fireproofing inside an existing building, be sure to bring a few dehumidifiers.
Q:  What's the best way to provide excellent customer service?  
A:  Understand what drives our customers’ businesses and how the goals of the project relate to that.  Use this understanding to maximize the value we provide for our clients.  Keep in mind that these projects represent a significant spend for clients and we should treat their money carefully, as if it we were spending it for our own business.
Q:  Do you live within walking distance of SLU?  
A:  I live downtown, at 8th and Olive Way.  My wife and I wanted to be able to walk to shopping, dining, and entertainment.  As a bonus, I get to walk to work.  We like that our neighborhood is close to the transit tunnel, I-5, the CBD, Pike Place Market, and SLU.  It’s great to see SLU change from underutilized warehouses to a growing neighborhood.
Q:  What’s an interesting fact that people may not know about you? 
A:  In 2010-2012, my wife and I lived in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where my wife worked for Starbucks Coffee.  We traveled a lot (even visited some former Lewis employees) and picked up a new language.